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Resurfacing the Minford Local School District Football Stadium. 

In the ever-changing climate of our community, we feel now is the time to update our facilities with synthetic turf that our entire district and community could utilize and enjoy!

Synthetic turf is installed in facilities ranging from professional venues to local youth leagues in a variety of locations around our state and country. Facilities that require a field surface to accommodate multiple sports and organizations throughout the year see increased value in synthetic turf. A level and consistent surface provides a safe and resilient field which is beneficial to all athletes young and old.

It is our mission to raise all the funds for the project through grants and private donations and contributions from individuals and corporations. This project will cost an approximate $625,000.00. Our goal is to have funding in place by December 31, 2019 and look forward to being able to break ground in spring of 2020. This synthetic turf project will utilize ZERO TAX DOLLARS and ZERO DOLLARS FROM THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. 



The number of students and programs that could directly benefit from the installation of turf would be significantly more than if we were to continually refurbish the current natural grass facility


From our perspective and research, we feel the greatest disadvantage of continually refurbishing the current natural grass facility is the liability of usage or wear and tear. In order to keep the natural grass in good condition, it not only requires much more maintenance, it also forces us to restrict usage. Currently the facility is able to withstand at maximum junior high and high school football games (practices are not even able to be held on the field to keep it in optimal shape for gamedays). When we have seasons that are poor weather-wise, that usage obviously decreases.

It is also important to note that if we were to install field turf on the Minford field, in addition to the above-mentioned groups, many more would benefit from the other amenities that the current facility has to offer. These include nicer concession stand areas, high quality restrooms, close and manageable parking as well as stadium lighting.

By far, the most obvious and strongest point in installing field turf is the variety of programs that would benefit because there would be no restrictions on the usage of the turf. We feel the following programs in our district/community would directly benefit from the installation of field turf:

- High School Football (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

- Junior High Football (7th and 8th Grade)

- Youth Football

- Boys High School Soccer (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

- Girls High School Soccer (Varsity and Junior Varsity)

- Youth Soccer

- Daily Physical Education Classes (High School/Middle School/Elementary)

- High School Marching Band

- Track (High School and Middle School)

In addition to the groups already listed above, we feel there are other activities that could utilize this upgrade: Commencement and other major ceremonies could be held outside on the turf. Community Movie Nights, Community Pep Rallies, Relay for Life as well as other events can bring the community together. The marching band would be able to host a Fall Festival/Invitational. Track workouts could be conducted on the field when the track is full at practice or meets. Also, OHSAA could utilize this facility for Sectional, District, Regional and State sporting events.


Our Facility With Turf



Potential Students Impacted By Turf



Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our facility. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Check out the donation tab for donation/commitment levels. 

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